Alarm & Electrical Services – Want to Invest in a House Alarm in Wicklow?

Are you looking to add extra security to your home? If you are, then our house alarms in Wicklow will be the perfect solution to your security concerns. Here at Alarm & Electrical Services we are committed to making sure that your home is safe and secure. Whether you’re looking for a wired alarm, a wireless alarm, or a full CCTV system, we can cater to all your security needs. All of our alarm systems can be monitored 24 hours a day, so you can have real reassurance that you have a first-class house alarm installed.

What Type of House Alarms are Available?

Our house alarms in Wicklow are designed to be adaptable for each of our customers. Our wired alarms are an excellent cost effective option that can connect us to ten detection devices. This is a great option for anyone who wants a secure system that is difficult to tamper with. Our wired house alarms in Wicklow are especially useful as they have a fully supervised and closed circuit, making it ideal for any homeowner. We also stock wireless house alarms in Wicklow, which can offer a stable system with great battery performance. Our wireless devices offer all of the same features as our wired devices and can be accessed from a variety of chosen devices.

What are the Benefits of Installing a House Alarm?

There are many potential benefits to installing a house alarm in Wicklow, particularly as our services are well monitored by real people. We provide you with security systems, detection alarms, sirens and alerts, and control systems all for your safety and security. 

Protects your Home

Although this is perhaps the most obvious benefit for having a house alarm in Wicklow, it certainly should not be underestimated. The average household contains a number of different valuables, from jewellery to high end electronics like cameras and TVs, all of which make them ideal targets for criminal activity. 

By installing one of our house alarms in Wicklow, you will have protection as our motion detectors can be triggered, alerting yourself, a neighbour or the police, about the break in. This means that you can narrow the burglar’s window of opportunity and thus protect you and your family from potential theft.

Acts as a Deterrent 

Our house alarms in Wicklow are also effective at preventing crimes, they can actually deter them from happening prior to the crime being committed. Burglars, as a general rule, don’t want to be caught and will avoid breaking in to somewhere that has a clear security system. As such, just the presence of your house alarm in Wicklow is likely to decrease your chances of a break in entirely. 

What Happens Next?

If all of this sounds like the right thing for you, then you should get in touch with us at Alarm & Electrical Services to ensure that you secure your house alarms in Wicklow. To arrange for an initial consultation or if you have any particular questions, please give us a call on 01 4525294 or email us at [email protected].