Alarm Installers Dublin

Would you like a second-to-none security system fitted into your property? If the answer is yes, our team at Alarm & Electrical Services are recognised as some of the leading alarm installers in Dublin. This is due to our comprehensive understanding and experience of our work that is utilised on a daily basis. As a result, we are able to carry out a wide array of different jobs including both alarm and electrical services – always guaranteeing a result that our competitors simply can’t match.


Here at Alarm & Electrical Services, our team of alarm installers in Dublin have the experience and knowledge to install a wide array of applications that can guarantee high levels of security for your property. Some of the most common jobs we work on include intruder alarm fittings, though in recent years we have introduced the use of wire-free alarms due to their simple installation process. For businesses, we highly recommend the use of additional systems that include access control operations, CCTV protection and motion detector beams.


In order for us to be recognised as a team of leading alarm installers in Dublin, we always make sure to carry out all of our work to the various trading regulations, whilst ensuring to provide the very best service for our customers. As a company, we are a member of the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland, as well as being registered with the National Standards Authority of Ireland. This is in addition to being licenced by the Private Security Authority. If you have any further questions regarding our credibilities, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Alarm & Electrical Services exceptional team of customer service staff.   


Since our establishment in 1983, we have maintained the same business model to keep all of our clients fully satisfied with all of our work. One approach that we have adopted, in order to achieve this, is by offering exclusive deals that enable customers to save money when using our services. For example, we have a set package for home alarms which includes the most important systems in order to protect your property. By taking advantage of these deals, customers will be able to receive all of the very best applications available for a great price, compared to purchasing them individually.


If you would like to enquire with the best alarm installers in Dublin, make sure you get in contact with the team at Alarm & Electrical Services today. Our customer service advocates are available to call on 01452 5294 / 087 274 8702, where they will be able to discuss your specific needs, as well as addressing any concerns you currently have. In order to receive a quotation for a specific project, feel free to email us at [email protected], and expect a reply within a single working day.