Do you Need an Intruder Alarm System in Dublin?

Would you like your safety and security taken care of a company that has been operating in the industry since 1983? Are you in the market for a top-range intruder alarm system in Dublin? We here at Alarms & Electrical Services are happy to speak to you about any inquiries that you may have regarding our services – our contact details are listed below.

When it comes to providing your home with top-of-the-range security measures to prevent crime at either domestic or commercial properties, one of the first purchases that you should make is that of an intruder alarm system in Dublin. For those who bring their business to Alarms & Electrical Services, you will be delighted by the variety in choice that you will be given. Whether you would like a simple, basic alarm which can be monitored twenty four hours a day, or would like to increase the measures by installing an access control system, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. For anyone that is unsure as to which system they believe will be a right fit for them, we have a comprehensive breakdown of each, that is accessible on our website.

Alongside the ability of our technicians and specialists of installing intruder alarm systems in Dublin, we are also adept in the art of electrical contracting services. Here at Alarm & Electrical Services, we are proud to have been working in tandem with a number of high-profile clients, to provide them with a premium level of professional finishes. In our portfolio, which is accessible on our website’s electrical services page, you will see that since its inception we have been an integral part of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck; for this, we are responsible for installing and maintaining the three thousand lights that adorn the vehicle, giving it its eye-catching illumination. For any that are interested, we have a more extensive gallery available for perusing through, where you can witness first-hand the type of projects that we are capable of working on.

On top of providing a first-class service regarding, amongst others, the installation of intruder alarm systems in Dublin, clients of Alarms & Electrical Services have access to an exceptional customer support system. This entails having a variety of ways for which customers, prospective or otherwise, can get into contact with us. If you favour written methods of communication, you can either send us an email at [email protected], or complete and submit the enquiry form located on our website’s contact page. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more personal touch, we welcome phone calls – you can reach us at 01452 5294, or 087 274 8702.