Do you Require Burglar Alarms in Dublin?

Are you searching for safe, secure and industry-leading burglar alarms to have fitted in or around your home or business premises in Dublin? Look no further than Alarm & Electrical Services – we are a provider of security and electrical services across Ireland for both domestic and commercial customers. Established in 1983, we have over the years expanded our offering to include Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV, Access Control and also all aspects of electrical work.


We understand how important it is to have a reliable, high-quality and safe burglar alarm system installed in your house or business premises to keep unwanted visitors and intruders away. Our burglar alarm systems act as a deterrent for criminals, to prevent the burglary before it happens and keep you safe. They will also provide you with peace of mind when you are away from the premises, and we offer 24-hour monitoring to provide you with further safety.


If you are interested in our burglar alarm systems in Dublin, you can contact us today.


Burglar Alarms at Alarm & Electrical Services


We have a range of burglar alarms at Alarm & Electrical Services to suit both domestic and commercial customers’ premises. We are able to supply and install detection alarms and sirens and alerts. We have both wired and wireless alarm systems, depending on your needs. Whether your premises are large or small, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to deliver you a burglar alarm that will protect you and your premises from unwanted threats and intruders.


Our wired alarms can adopt conventional cabling, fully supervised and closed circuit as well as ID cabling. Working on a 3 wire system, the HKC SW1070 is able to connect to up to 40 detection devices, and the Quantum 70 can connect to up to 10 detection devices. Our wireless alarms create an even more stable system, with better battery performance. They allow increased intelligence at the devices and boast two-way wireless to all peripherals. 


All of our systems are fully guaranteed for one year, including parts and labour.


Servicing & Maintenance of your Burglar Alarm


As well as supplying and installing security systems, we are also able to service and maintain your system adhering to the appropriate quality and industry standards required. Without effective maintenance, even the very best equipment can deteriorate and fail. This is why we offer our clients service and maintenance contracts for our intruder alarms, fire alarms, and our CCTV systems. This ensures that your security system is kept in proper working order, and provides our clients with peace of mind. 


Protect your Home or Business with Alarm & Electrical Services

If you would like to have our burglar alarms installed in or around your premises, you can contact us today. Our consultants are experienced in this industry and equipped with the knowledge necessary to advise you on which systems and alarms will work best for your premises. You can get in touch with us by filling in our online enquiry form, or by emailing us at [email protected]. If you would prefer to give us a call, you can reach us on 01452 5294 or 087 274 8702.