Trying to Source Professional CCTV Systems in Dublin?

If you are interested in purchasing CCTV systems in Dublin, that have been designed to your specifications, then welcome to Alarm & Electrical Services. For over 30 years we have provided reliable services for security and electrical systems, alongside high-quality customer care. As a leading company in the supply and installation of alarms and electrical systems, you can trust that we have the knowledge to provide you with products that will keep your domestic and commercial property as safe as possible. Our prices are set competitively and our special offers offer great value for money.

A Brief Overview of Alarm & Electrical Services

The first step toward installing CCTV systems in Dublin is the design. Our highly trained staff will have an initial conversation with you, to discuss your requirements. We have an extensive product range consisting of cameras of different shapes, sizes, speeds and mobility, and our skillful engineers will know what’s best for you. Once we have the brief we will begin putting together a design that incorporates everything you have asked for, and takes into account your location and house size. We will then proceed to install your final system with incredible efficiency and care, making sure that you understand how it works before we leave. 

We pride ourselves on our high quality systems however, we are not under the illusion that they will remain this way forever. That is why we offer maintenance services at regular intervals, in order to ensure that your CCTV systems in Dublin remain fully functional and accurate. We offer these important services as contracts, which will also entitle you to emergency call outs.

With the option to have 24 hour monitoring services on our CCTV Systems in Dublin, means that any criminal activity towards your property will notify security personnel, key holders and even the local authorities. Should you also require any other type of electrical systems including; fire alarms, home alarms or access control, then we can help you out with these as well.

Would you like More Information?

We provide CCTV systems for both domestic and commercial clients who are looking to protect their property and themselves. For commercial clients CCTV is an excellent way to make sure that proper responsibility for the safety of employees is taken seriously, and to protect your property. By installing CCTV systems in Dublin, you can deter criminals from acts such as burglary and vandalism. In the regrettable instance that the criminals are not deterred and a crime does take place, your CCTV system can provide irrefutable evidence. 

To speak to us Alarm & Electrical Services regarding CCTV systems in Dublin or any of our other services, give us a call today on 01 4525294 or 0872748702. Alternatively you can send us an email at [email protected], or visit our website to get a free quote.