Would you Like an Alarm Service in Dublin?

Do you require an alarm service in Dublin? Then you will be pleased to know that Alarm & Electrical Services is here to help. We are experienced electricians that specialise in supporting our clients security and electrical needs. Although we established in 1983, our business has gone from strength to strength, due to the fact that we have invested in our equipment and materials, offering innovative solutions that are incredibly modern to support your current requirements.

Why are we Trusted Alarm Electricians?

Here at Alarm & Electrical Services, we take pride in our quality of work, producing systems that are of IS EN50131 Irish Standards. With our alarm service in Dublin, we offer installations, maintenance and repairs, supporting you in receiving quality protection for your property at all times. These alarms range from CCTV, Fire and Intruder, all of which can be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This has helped us to become NSAI  or National Standards Authority of Ireland registered and members of the RECI, Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland. Our electricians all hold FAS Safe Pass Cards which are essential for this particular industry.

As a leading provider of professional security solutions, we deliver versatile support with both wired and wireless alarm service in Dublin that you can count on at all times. Intruder alarms in particular are increasingly popular and available to both domestic and commercial properties, with our expert electricians advising you on the best options for your particular property. 

Wired alarms in particular are incredibly cost-effective with conventional wiring that is fully supervised and closed circuited. It works through a three wire system with built-in ID technology connecting up to 40 detection devices. On the other hand, the wireless systems provide a fantastic platform for two way wireless to all peripherals. This is increased intelligence unlike any other offering sensitivity and far more stability than most traditional options.  

To date, alarms can help clients to reduce their home insurance by up to 10%, especially when they are monitored.We offer the full package, ensuring the professional and cost-effective care your property needs. With our alarm service in Dublin, we can provide you with detection, sirens, alerts and control systems, all of which when activated can act as anti-theft deterrent. 

They are also ideal for situations where you need to present evidence in court. Upon any disturbance, our monitoring professionals can send alerts to the nominated keys holders as well as the Gardia and other emergency services. This in turn will give you a quick response to any suspicious activity occurring near your building, therefore, helping you get the best return on your investment.

Would you Like to Get in Touch?

To learn more about our alarm service in Dublin, feel free to call us on 01 452 5294 or 08727 48 702 and our electricians can happily arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online form and our customer service representatives will be in touch to answer your queries. Alternatively, you can email us directly using [email protected] and we can provide you with any further information that you require.