Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a burglar alarm system?

Depending on the size of the house, the prices start at €450(pre-wired) and can go up to €1100 (average 3 bedroom house).

Are you a licensed company?

Yes! Every Alarm and the Electrical system is tested and approved to the EN – 50131-1 Standards. License NO. IAS – 1082. In recognition of our professional operation, the company is certified by the NSAI and is a member of RECI.

What kind of guarantee is with your burglar alarm system?

All our systems are fully guaranteed for one year including parts and labour.

Do you have 24 hour emergency service?

Yes, for service contract holders.

Can I take out a maintenance agreement with your company?

Yes! It is advisable to have a maintenance agreement with our company to meet with the required European standards EN- 50131-1.

What are the advantages of having my alarm system monitored?

An alarm system is only as good as the response it generates. A monitored alarm allows for you or your nominated Keyholder and the authorities to be informed if your system activates, ensuring alarm activations don’t go unnoticed.

If I do have a monitored system, what happens if the phone line is damaged or faulty?

Should the phone line be interrupted for any reason the alarm will be unable to contact the monitoring station. However, if the alarm activates the sirens will still operate for the present time. To offset this risk a radio alarm can also be installed. This is a high-security back-up to the phone line and operates independently. If phone lines are damaged, faulty or have been cut deliberately the radio link will ensure signals are sent to the monitoring station.

How long will the siren sound for when the alarm activates?

If the alarm activates due to attempted intrusion or by accident, the internal and external sirens will stop after 20 minutes. Some older systems may allow the internal siren to continue sounding until reset by the operator.

My neighbour has one of your systems which occasionally activates while he is away, can you come out and turn it off?

The installation company does not maintain a record of all its clients operating codes nor do we hold keys to clients premises. As such our engineers do not respond to these situations. Having a monitored system with nominated Keyholders would prevent this problem from arising.

Will I be able to turn on the system during a power cut?

Most recent types of alarm control panels can be armed in the absence of mains power.

Will I be able to open a window at night when the alarm is armed?

Whether or not the windows can be opened while the alarm is set is governed by the level of protection fitted to each opening. It should be possible to open a window slightly if they do not have contacts fitted, or it is possible to bypass the entire zone.

What is the difference between sensors and contacts?

The sensor is a device designed to be fitted to windows and doors to detect the breaking or forcing open of the door/window. Contacts are fitted to doors and windows to detect a physical opening regardless of the force used. It will not necessarily indicate that the door/window is securely closed. It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that all doors and windows covered by the alarm are closed before arming the system.

How can I change my code no?

Some operators may have the ability to change their codes, but the methods vary from one panel to another. The best approach is to contact your system maintenance provider.

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